Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can I think of another 100 things?

1 If you're thinking that im self-centered,than you're probably right.
2 Lived without my own room or even my own bed for a year.
3 August 3rd 1998 was the worst day of my life yet I remember it more than any other day.
4 Im more of a mom to my brother than our mom is.Its been like that for the past 11 years.
5 Learned to swim when I was just 2,can stay in the water for hours.
6 I was conceived in Crete and always felt a strange connection to that island.
7 Teachers always picked me first for school plays.
8 Once won a "best manners" award in the 3rd grade and gave it back beause i thought it was a mistake.
9 Wanted to marry Aladdin.
10 My first crush was a little boy named Matt but I got over him when I saw him cry.
11 Im very good with children of any age.
12 Recently I get very emotional other football.
13 Me and my friend Eva tell ugly guys that we're lesbians so they wont hit on us.
14 Cant sleep before midnight no matter what.
15 Got addicted to playing Pokemon more than once.
16 My mom calls me Madonna.No idea why.
17 I continue to polish my toenails all through winter.
18 One of my professers at uni looks just like a younger Mr.Big.
19 And I could totally sleep with him to pass a class if necessary.
20 Could die if I didnt listen to music for a day.
21 Most risky thing I've done was jump from balcony to balcony on the 10th floor of a hotel.
22 Strangly the closest I've come to death wasnt that but a ride on a kiddy roller coaster.Half my body was hanging out of the seat.
23 I still like going on roller coasters.
24 I see people dying in my dreams when I really miss them.
25 I have a dream every night.Most of them seem very real.
26 For some reason I feel scared if a week goes by without getting into any fights with Luis.
27 I've been trying to learn portuguese for months now but its a total fail.
28 Philadelphia is like the back of my hand but I get lost in Athens.
29 My favorite number is still 17 even tho it was the jersey number of they guy that broke my heart.
30 In fact my friends called out "Its #17 coming in" every time they saw me until a few months ago
31 Now they sing this old greek song that goes "I'll become a brazilian woman...."
32 Weirdest way to make me jealous?Say "Im not that older than you" in a husky voice.
33 I make terrible spelling mistakes in all languages.
34 My parents never once hit me,tho my grandma has thrown a boot at me.
35 Lost my uncle/gogfather when I was 10.He was just 28 and the greatest guy I knew.Still cant get over that.
36 I go to his grave and talk to him alot.I know he listens.
37 My brother looks just like him,its freaky.My biggest fear is losing him too.
38 If I could rewind my life I would change only one thing.
39 I've never told anyone what that one thing is.
40 Every time a read a book with a female hero I like I imagine it turning into a movie and me playig that part.
41 There's a famous greek song out there that was written for me.Its called "Dedicated".
43 Some people didnt believe it was for me.I showed them a text I got a year before the song was released.It was the lyrics.
44 I have really really oily hair.I have to wash it every day.
45 Pissed off when guys think I dont know more about sports than they do because Im a girl.
46 I miss the most silly things from the states like malls and Burger King.
47 My 10 nieces and nephews live in 4 different countries.
48 Im the only female cousin from my dads side that isnt married.
49 Law school required a 18/20 score to get in.I had a 17,9/20.
50 The list of foods I dont like is bigger than the one of those I do.
51 And yet im fat.
52 I've been in a Greek traditional dance group for 16 years.
53 Dancing in front of people is as easy as breathing to me.
54 Once my heel broke as soon as I got on stage.Nobody ever understood a thing.
55 Lost my virginity in the back seat of a very small car.
56 First person I told was my mom just to piss her off.
57 Cried for 2 days because I thought I screwed up my Acient Greek final.
58 Turned out I had the highest score on that one.
59 Every time I fall im the first to laugh.
60 And believe me I fall alot.
61 What started out as an afternoon at the beach near by my house ended up as a month in Mykonos.
62 I would like to spend a night in jail just for the thrill of it.
63 But I already became a theft twice and it hasnt happened yet
64 My favorite type of love stories are the ones in which although the heroes are meant to be together,they arent.Like Cathy and Heathcliff.
65 Proud owner of 2 LV bags I hardly never wear because im afraid I'll ruin them.
66 My favorite pair of shoes are the Louboutin pink petal sandals Luis bought for from Germany.But I dont wear those either for the same reason.
67 My closet is full of clothes but I always complain I have nothing to wear.
68 I always forget to take back the movies I rent so now
69 a)I watch movies and most tv series online or
70 b)I make other people rent them for me.
71 At the moment im writing this line I have 7,324 tweets.
72 Cant imagine life if I hadnt discovered kickette.
73 Never had a day job.
74 The only job I've ever had is at the club.
75 I started out as a waitress
76 but soon the owner saw that I was good with people and promoted me to PR
77 and I absolutely love it!
78 I never try make bargains,im too embarrassed to
79 A few days before meeting Luis,I called him with every insult I know because he scored against my team.We're talking very heavy stuff.
80 First year I lived alone I locked myself out 11 times.
81 Also during that year my roomie and I used to go to bed after we watched the early morning news every single day.
82 It may sound shallow but I loved being the crazy slutty party girl.
83 Im still crazy
84 and i still love to party
85 as for the slutty part,I keep that only for my fiance now.
86 If Sergio Ramos wanted to sleep with me now I wouldnt.
87 A bit sad that I just said that.
88 I use the word "malaka" more than I would like to.
89 Watched every american tv-series last season but not even one greek one.
90 Yes I find Russell Brand hot.
91 The movie I watched most times is "Killing me softly"
92 followed by "Love me if you dare"
93 Turned down an offer for my own Porsche cause I know im a really bad driver.
94 If I could re-live one period of my life I could pick the summer of 06.
95 If me and my bbf start laughing nothing can stop us.
96 Im thinking very seriously of wearing jeans at my wedding.
97 I already feel like im married.
98 Just because I dont often talk about serious stuff doesnt mean that im not serious (when I want to be)
99 Nobody has ever once in my life said to me "You're such a god girl"
100 Cant belive how easy this came out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

100 things about myself

Ok so Malin did this first and then Gina and now me.This is the order I thought of them:
1 I've lived in 9 different houses,in 5 different cities/towns.
2 Engaged to a Brazilian named Luis Diogo Santos.
3 My biggest dream is to have many many kiddies.
4 I could give up my life only for my brother.
5 Had anorexia when I was 17
6 Hate people that arent as open-minded as me.
7 Favorite city is Philadelphia.
8 Things I've gone through have made me *cold*.
9 Scared of the dark,I feel like I cant breathe in total darkness.
10 I manage to study Economy,even tho im bad at math
11 Want to open my own buisness,not sure what type yet.
12 Have over 50 cousins.Im too bored to count.
13 Have 2 tattoos and just one piercing.
14 I had my 3rd tattoo removed.
15 Fell in love with Sergio Ramos after a dream.
16 Became a Real Madrid fan beause of Luis Figo.
17 My mom wanted to name me Pelagia.
18 First memory I have of myself is my first time on an aeroplane when I was 3.
19 Learned english by myself while watching nickelodeon.
20 Wanted to be a figure skater.
21 Never cry in front of others,always pretend to be strong.
22 Could ignore if you said something bad about me but could kill if you insulted a loved one.
23 For my first halloween,I dressed as a devil.
24 My bff growing up was a boy 3 years older than me.
25 Nearly ran away from home at 16 to get married.
26 I love romantic movies but im not a romantic irl.
27 Cant sit still when there's music.Any music!
28 Have read countless books.
29 My favorite hang-out was a libary.
30 Had a summer fling with a hawaiian names Koko.
31 I still play with barbies.
32 and I stll sleep with my "beauty & the beast" blanket my uncle bought me 17 years ago.
33 Watched Elizabeth 10 times only beause I adore Joseph Fiennes.
34 Have met some amazing people online.
35 Obsssessed with Vampires.
36 Have stitches on the side of both my eyes.
37 Cant stay in a hospital for more than 2 minutes.
38 Get lost in my own world ALOT!
39 I dare do crazy risky stuff to show off
40 Get teary when I hear the name Andreas.
41 Think scars are beautiful.
42 Eat lemons like fruit.
43 Buy a magazine every day and a book every week.
44 My dad made me listen to Santana when I was a baby.
45 Went to the USA WC in 1994.Dnt remember a thing.
45 Get up and walk in my sleep often.Creepy!
46 Cant wear earrings.
47 Used to have insects as pets.
48 One of my favorite places in the world is the Taz-mahal casino in Atlantic City.
49 Once wished never to see NYC again in my life.
50 Read Odusseas Elytis poems to relax.
51 Hero:Melina Merkouri
52 Have thought of having sex with a girl many times.
53 Hate household chores with passion.
54 Become a complete bitch when people tell me what to do.
55 Have worked in a factory...for half a day.
56 Believe rules are meant to be broken.
57 Favorite spice girl was Posh.
58 Have a really good memory.
59 Very proud of being Greek.
60 Will NEVER understand racism.
61 Many people have told me I should be an actress.
62 Im a leo and as one I like being the leader.
63 Got into a fight with a black kid twice my size and won.
64 Like keeping a bit of my teenage attidute.
65 Have said yes to a catholic wedding.
66 Took a shower in Mellbergs bathroom.
67 Teased for the way I spoke greek.
68 Came out of my room only to go to school for 5 months.
69 Close to becoming an Alky.
70 Stray dogs always folow me around.
71 Becoming a godmother for the fourth time in a few months.
72 No idea in what country next year will find me.
73 I find more beauty in cities than in the country.
74 My eyes change colours.From dark brown to light green and everything in bewteen.
75 Have seduced a teenager.I was 19 he was 16.
76 Found my first bf's braces extremely cute.
77 Allen Iverson patted my head.FACT!
78 Find boys with longish hair hot as hell
79 Always thought my grandmother was related to Venus because she was from Mount Olympus and had long blonde hair.
80 Have possed naked for a boy to draw me like Titanic.
81 Like playing phone pranks on people.
82 Watch alot of sports.
83 Greatest day of my life was when I met Luis.
84 Have been a Paok fan from before I was even born.
85 No idea how I became so addicted to anything spanish.
86 Favorite type of car is the beetle.
87 In love with a pirate.
88 Bite my lips when im thinking.
89 Cry like a baby if you mention Sergio and short hair in the same sentence.
90 Id like to adopt a child from a 3rd world country.
91 Watch porn with friends for fun.
92 Had a crush on Andrea Bocelli.
93 Had/have a crush on MANY people.
94 Like dancing in the rain.And singing "Im singing in the rain"
95 Never wear pjs.
96 Never wear socks in the house.
97 Fainted at school once and got carried by the hunky teacher.
98 Once a rebel,always a rebel
99 Very excited about this season starting
100 I actually like talking about myself