Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Younger Men

A few days ago,a friend of mine told me that she,at the age of 26,was dating a boy of 17.The funny thing is that I wasn't shocked.There comes a time in every boy's life when he craves for the love of a older women,it doesn't matter how "old" that women really is,just as long as she knows the tricks and is willing to pass them over.
My friend asked me what I thought,I told her that as long as she was happy with the "relationship",she shouldn't care what other people thought.What I didn't tell her,was that,a year ago,I too had my something with a younger boy.
I was 19,he was 16.He was my brother's best basketball buddy,tall(taller than me),musculine and with an angelic face.He was also a virgin and well...lets just say that I wasn't that innocent.At first he started spending more and more time at our house,my brother and I are really close and we hang out together alot,so he just joined us.I didn't understand that he was there for me,until he told me,out of the blue as we were watching a movie,that I was the most perfect girl he had ever met.
I didn't know what to do,so I started avoiding him,but he wouldn't let it go.What was I to do,he was gorgeous and he wanted me...should I lose the chance only because of the 3 years bewteen us?The answer was no!
Let me tell you,sex with a virgin is something I suggest everyone to try.He is so ready to try everything you tell him to,he is full of power and he see's you as a godness!It was heaven!My friends couldn't understand what had got into me,his friends saw him as their hero and looked at me with a very sneaky smile on there faces.
After 2 months,we both started to get bored,we were in completly other stages in our lives.I met someone,older this time...and he had a whole fanclub of 15-year-olds waiting for his attention.So we ended it.
We are still friends,but what I learned was that dating a younger boy is not forever.Because let's face it,all good things in life end!He was a good thing in my life and I was in his,but in order for a true relationship to work there's got to be a balance of the two parts,and when your biggest fear is the upcoming work interview and his the tommorow geometry test things just can't work..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's the most crazy time of the year..The Carnival..YUPPY! People are going crazy.I spent 2 hours and went to 15 different shops last night just to find a blonde wig to wear,the only ones left were the really crazy looking ones.Dressed as a butterfly for day1(thrusday)and an angel for day2(yesterday).So many parties and events going on!Wish I was in Rio or Venice..

Also like to introduce you to my boy Sergio,I'm sort of addicted to him and I'll be writing about him quite a bit! Some people find things about him a little bit silly but I find it all just plain wonderfull(maybe I should talk to a docter about this!).It's quite funny how at first I didn't like him much and then after seing a dream about him I'm suddenly in love.Like to send my love to all the lovely ladies at Kickette.com,before finding that website,I thought I was the only girl into football and footballers,none of my friends(at least the female ones) could understand what I like about it.My BF Dimitra is the most clueless person on earth when it comes to sports,but I still love her.Anyway,ever since I found this site,my life has changed,I visit it on a daily basis and have so much fun chatting there.
Thats all for now
xoxo Nandia