Monday, March 2, 2009

Just 4 Points...!!!!

If someone told me about this some weeks ago,I would have said that they're crazy!But its true,IT IS TRUE!!!We are just 4 points away from Barca,and the game is finally on!Everytime I listened to our players on interviews saying that everything is possible,I wanted to cry,because I thought they were only saying it because they wanted to cheer the fans up and they didn't really beleive it.But is soooo amazing!!!
Last night me and some other kickette girls became fanatic Athletico fans and screamed and jumped at every goal.What a game,4-3,what a turn-over!!The funny thing is that this week we were thrilled with Kun scoring and next weekend we will be wishing for him to have his worst game ever..LOL!
Also my greek team,PAOK,is going from victory to victory...So,this was a good weekend,at least when it comes to sports!!