Thursday, November 26, 2009

Absolut Vodka Rock Edition

Its Black,Its Rock,Its Kinky,Its Vodka,Its Me Baby!!!

Would you?

Artem Milevskiy
First caught my attention at the Greece-Ukraine game.Really tall,long dark hair,blue eyes....So I looked him up.In some pictures I find him hot but in others not really.Thoughts?

Athens from the eyes of a NYer

If you're walking in the streets and get lost,Athenians will help you with directions.But you should never ask where to go at a table of drunk old men with mustaches.Probably they'll start fighing loudly with each other and everyone will show you a different way.Like that,you can find yourself near Omonia square being followed by a pack of dogs that appeared mysteriously out of nowhere or sharing a greasy souvlaki with a prostitute named Agatha.
Most young people speak english well but there are some expressions everybody should know like "ela malaka" and "ade yia mas ke i batsi makria mas".
In NY when you're interviewing various people for a band,a project,a trend,everybody will play the part of the humble coworker and will share the sucess.In Berlin,they'll give you detailed analysis of each persons offer.In Paris,in front of the coworkers they'll make good comments and then dish them behind their backs.In Athens,everyone will say they did it on their own.
In Athens,its totally normal to have slept with half your friends.
Nobody pays on the metro,half of the buses dont go where they're suppossed to or leave you where you have to go and the only person that knows the streets less than you is your taxi driver.On the other hand,if the driver takes you on a big circular adventure in town,just yell at him.Usually he'll admit his wrong and give you back your money.Maybe he'll even respect you for what you did.
Only when you're walking in the city center and admiring all the changes that have been made the last ten years-sidewalked roads,unlimited bars and cafes,new buildings-then some dude with crazy hair will run past you,with an old,garbage filled tricycle and a dog for copassenger,spilling you with mudd.
At a small concert or an art show there is always a great audience.At first you think thats amazing.Until you figure out its the same 50 people at every event.
If you fill a Athenians frige with food and booze,you can live at his house for as long as you want.And of course,feel free to put out your smokes out in his plant pots.
In Athens,its totally acceptable to live with your parents until you're 35.After that its a bit embarrassing but still not unusual.
Greek tv is made of shows about George Papandreou,soapoperas in which the actors have haircuts from the 90s,always look at each other with intensity and sometimes do murders.And a weird police comedy that everyone seems to like.
Athenians are the most funny,generous,outragous people in the world.Just dont expect them to be on time.
You'll never be able to win an Athenian in an alcohol drinking contest.

Charly Wilder
New York Times