Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My stalking experience.

Presenting Nikos Smaragdis-volleyballer
Tall,dark,scruffy and good with his hands.What more could you ask for?
The story of how I met him goes like this:A friend and I got into a game without tickets (another story) bla bla bla,after it was over we were lucky to pick the wrong stairs and found ourselves right outside the locker rooms with mostly WAGs waiting.We decided to stick around and blend in but of course that didnt quite work out when we started asking for autographs and my friend got on a table so she could reach her favorite player better....
My favorite player on the other hand wasnt coming out.Everybody else had left and he was still in there.We were going to lose the last bus so I decided to take charge,I went inside the locker rooms.And I found him.The door was open.He was changing.He didnt like the fact that I was there.I started to run.
Do you think thats the end of the story?.....Think again!
I turned back,went right in there and said "Could you at least give me your autograph?".He said "You're totally crazy but what the hell"
Im looking at that piece of paper while writing this.