Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finding it hard to breathe....

I cant think about where or when this photo was taken.I cant think about what he's doing walking around half naked.I cant think about the weird tape that is still *there* (and im not talking about the blue one).I cant even think about his underwear exposure and the tatts that usually drive me crazy...To be honest all I can think about is how truly madly deeply I WANT HIM!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Kill Bill"

I have always had a thing for bballers.It started when I was very young and my dad took me to see the 76ers training (he was a friend of the coach).I'll never forget the next day when I went to school all cocky telling everybody that THE Allen Iverson had patted my head (true fact) LOL!!
If you ask me now who my favorite NBAer is,only one name comes to mind:Andre Iguodala (yes I love the sixers)!!Since I sadly dont live in Philly any more,I only got to see him play once.I was wearing his jersey and screaming "Gooooooo my boy" while my friends where backing me up calling "Gooooo her boy"!!!It was an amazing night,even tho we lost...
Anyway,this post isnt about him,its about one of my favorite Greek players:Vasilis Spanoulis!!
Born in 1982 and playing for European Champion Panathinaikos,I love everything about him!!His strongs hands with the tattoo dedicated to his father,the fact that he talks so fast you can hardly understand what he's saying,the way that he hangs his toungue out when he plays...
"Kill Bill" as they call him also played in the NBA for a season.Maybe he could have made it but decided to come back to Greece and be a star was better than being a benchwarmer for the Rockets!!Whats left of that experience is him trying to speak as best english as he can:

So basically I was obsessed with this guy so much last season.So imagine how excited I got during my summer vacation at Mykonos when I found out he was also on the island!!If any of you ever want help stalkering I can truly help you LOL!!After alot of asking and spending hours trying to look like a goddess,I found him at the beach...But life was very unfair to me...He was not alone...This is what I saw:
A model named Olympia....I was devasted,my heart broke into a million peices!!Oh Vasili why couldnt you wait for me?WHY??
I still love you and I always will!!Thank you for giving us moments like this:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hala Madrid (no matter what)

When you are a true fan,you support your team no matter what.You are there to celebrate the wins but also stand by when things dont go as planned.Anybody can put on a jersey,dance and sing about how amazing his team is,thats the easy part of being a fan.But what you do when your team fails is the whole point.Do you throw things at them and make heavy statements that some key players are losers and they have to go or do you feel proud and wait impatiently for a better next year?
I personally am one of those people that could have waited to the end of that game yesterday to applause my boys.That is how much I love them.No they did not have a good year and yes they did give up after losing the title but they also came back from the dead and became a threat when everyone thought Barca had ended it!!Im proud of them for that!!
So all we can do now is wait and see what the future holds.
First of all,Raul should stay right where he is.Plenty have been said about City along with bullshit about him getting too old and rusty...Sorry but I cant understand it,isnt he STILL 31 and scoring??Why would anyone want our legendary captain going??
Morever,I do not agree with most of the names im hearing as possible new players...All of them are great but as I said before do we really really need another striker?This is classical Perez,buying by names and not needs.What we NEED is some good defenders!!So please please buy some!!(LOL)
Ok tbh I was happy when I heard about Kaka,yes I would love to see him in white.But CRon NO NO NO!!I just cant dont want him here for some reason...
As for the possible spaniards...Cesc is quite a good idea,as long as that doesnt mean letting go to beautiful bb Gago (yes im shallow).Villa on the other hand is a truly amazing player but dont we already have a #7??
I dont know whats going to happen with all that,I just hope next year is much much better!!Hala Madrid!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We have a winner!!

Kostas Martakis,a Greek pop singer was born on May 25th 1984.He started his career as a model.Later on he decided to take place in a talent show cause his family told him he had a good voice and his gf that other girls will vote for him cause he's cute!!He didnt manage to win,but he is the only one that anybody rememberes from that show,so I guess it was a sucess for him!
Last year he tried out for Eurovision but people thought Kalomoira and her "Secret Combination" was better...Here is his song:

(yes Greek singers have a thing for white)
More vids:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pick your hottie!! (part 1)

Just cause im bored to death and dont have anything better to do with my night,here are some Greek boys!!Pick who you like most girls and I'll picspam him LOL
Apostolis Totsikas
Kostas Martakis
Anthimos Ananiadis
Fedonas Kefaleas

More to come..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Totally in love!!

First of all,damn you stupid team for taking my boy so far away from me for such a long time!!What do you mean a weak isnt a long time?YES IT IS!!!IT IS AN ETERNITY!!When he left on Monday,I was ok.On Tuesday I was missing him but I was too excited about other things to get too upset.But on Wensday,while I was moving my stuff into his ermm our(I keep forgeting that its mine aswell now) I got crazy!!I wanted him to be there,helping me with my boxes and not playing football in Asia.I know its his job and I know I have to get used to him missing but its hard..I love him so much,I want to be with him every hour of every day!!Thank God he's coming home today!!Tho,the fact that he will leave for Brazil soon,leaving me here alone again is the scariest thing and I have no idea how I'll pull through it...
Also,he's brithday is coming up and I want to give him the best gift EVER!I think and think and think but I cant find anything as amazing as I want it to be.PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!!
And since we're talking help,please pick which dress you like better for the party.Its going to be a casual house one but still I want to look good.And since I love the one-shoulder trend,do you like it more in yellow:
Or green:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wherever you will go!!

I have many favorite songs.Songs that will always be in my heart no matter what.Each and every one of them reminds me of something,somewhere,somebody.Others make me smile and others to cry.And then there are some that make me do both.
Like this one:

At first when I hear this song I remember of a time in my life when I was as crazy in love as a person could possible be.When I would truly go wherever he would be,not caring where that place was or what I will find there.And knowing that a person once made me feel like that makes me smile...
Then I remember where that love took me...To getting my heart broken and living the most horrible and dark months..Or maybe no,I wasnt living,I just continued to breathe.That makes me cry.Cry for that guy that never felt for me what I felt for him.Cry for believing all the promises he gave me.
But just like the girl in the video,I found love again.I dedicate those lyrics to someone again.Because whats the meaning in life if you dont have somebody that will make you go through anything just to be with them?

Do you have a song like that?Tell me about it!

Just cant resist

I didnt want to blog anything about this game,I really didnt.Cause what do you write when your team fails like that?That you still love them and that you're proud regardless of what happened?My boys already know that!!So I tried and tried and tried some more to avoid it,until I came across this.ANY photo both Sergio and Gago in it becomes my favorite as soon as I see it.But this one has bb Mata aaaand Iker,so how can I NOT post it??

Monday, May 11, 2009

Greece Has Talent

There are some people out there that got from God a little more than the rest of us.Like the boy in the video,his performance is truly beautiful and touched me deeply!!

As for those that think they're smart and write comments on youtube about things they have no idea about,I just ask:Why do guys,especially Greek ones,have to be such morons?Who cares what that boy does in his bed?You have no right to write those awful things..
There I got that out of my system..

Busy week!

So today is Monday and I dont have much to do but go to uni or maybe skip that to go out with my friends like we did last Monday (apart from those damn tekila shots LOL).I have some packing and moving to do but im too tired and bored to even start that,although I do have to finish it some time this week.I'll probably do it on Wedsday,which is the only free day I have..
Tommorow I will be going to the Depeche Mode concert I bloged about and Im so excited about it.Im going with my most crazy bunch of friends and we all agreed to wear the most outrageous rock outfits.I have a few ideas but im not quite sure yet.All im upset about is all the rocker-boys I wont get to flirt with.Whats going to a rock cncert if you dont get to make out with a long haired boy wearing ripped up jeans?LOL
I'll probably wake up very late on the next day with a serious headache,but I hope all the empty boxes make me come back to reality..I really need to empty my room,cause my brother decided to keep the apartment and my girly pink-black room is turning into some under-aged basketball player's pad.Its sad,I know..Aaaaand Im going to miss this house a lot,it reminds me so of the most rebelious and free years of my life...*getting emotional and nostalgic*
Anyway,on Thursday its my brother's birthday and also its Sakis Rouvas time to shine in Moscow and in the 2nd semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest!!Good Luck Sakiiiiiiiiis...You're a true star!!So we're having a Eurovision themed party at our house.Everybody has to pick their favorite entry ever and dress according to it.Im doing the legendary Abba and their hit "Waterloo"... Cant wait,its going to be so much fun!!
On Friday its the party at the club I also blogged about (its funny how everything is this week,no?).As some of you may know the theme is "Bringing out your dark side".Vampires,werewolves,demons and other creatures of the under-world are all welcomed.We're done with the decoration,its all in black,red and purple (duh) and our DJ has picked out some *creepy* good music.So wish all of you could come..
On Saturday is the Eurovision final and as my friends do every year we're getting together to watch.My favorite entries this year are Greece (of course SAKIS IS GOD),Azerbaijan with Arash,Turkey with Hadise and Spain with Soraya (if only I can get past the fact that she slept with Iker).
On Sunday I will sleep and sleep and sleep and do absolutely nothing

Now only if Luis was here everything would have been perfect..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Favorite song this week!!

Agelliki Iliadi "Ego milaw me tin kardia mou" = "I talk with my heart"
The story of this song is so tragical.She presented and dedicated it to her husband just a few days before he was brutally murdered in front of her eyes...
Its beautiful,I dedicate it to my baby and all of those who know how to truly love!!

Here is a translation:
An eisai lathos that to ksanakano
If you're a mistake I'll do it again
xilies fores mehri na pethano
a thousand times till I die
kai den tha metanioso pote mou gia auto
and I will never regret it
an eisai lathos tha po den pirazi
if you're a mistake I'll say it doesnt matter
mono konta sou i zoi mou alazei
only with you my life changes
kai auto einai arketo esena na agapo
and that is enough to love you

Ego milao me tin kardia mou
I talk with my heart
kai auth mou leei na se konta mou
and it tells me you should be with me
den me noiazei ti einai lathos kai sosto
I dont care if its wrong or right
ego milao me tin kardia mou
I talk with my heart
mazi sou kano ta oneira mou
I make my dreams with you
kai oso iparxo mono esena tha agapo
and I will love you as long as I exsist

An eisai lathos mou tha to pliroso
If you're a mistake i'll pay for it
kai oti exw akoma tha sou to doso
and what I have left I'll give to you
kai den tha metanioso pote mou gia auto
and I will never regret it
an eisai lathos tha po den pirazi
if you're a mistake I'll say it doesnt matter
mono konta sou i zoi mou alazei
only with you my life changes
kai auto einai arketo esena na agapo
and that is enough to love you

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So you may or may not heard about Nia Vardolos new movie "My Life in Ruins" .Its about a tour guide in Greece who falls in love blah blah blah...The truth is there's only one reason why I recommend it and its a guy called Alexis Georgoulis.He's 34 and very famous in Greece from playing in different tv-shows.
For your eyes only:
And if you're feeling pervy:

Here are some scenes from my favorite greek tv-show ever "Eisai to tairi mou".I know you wont understand much but must see the first one at least,its the revenge of all the girls that dont have perfect bodies:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Freaky Cute Look-alike

Have you seen Fernando Gago as a baby?He is sooooooo cute!!!
And now I present my god-daughter Marina(Manila for her friends)

They're the same,no?Does this mean she'll look like him growing up?LOL

Ps:Aianna can roll her eyes now,yes I talk about Manila too much to you I know..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thoughts of a twisted mind

Depeche Mode Pictures, Images and Photos
Depeche mode May 12th:Yaaay I got tickets!!No,im not actually a fan but what the hell.I get to dress in one of my rock concert outfits and jump up and down like crazy with my friends...Those are good enough reasons for me!Btw,did you now that Dave Gahan is married to a Greek?(yeah were everywhere,tell me about it..)
Franz Ferdinand Pictures, Images and Photos
Franz Ferdinand June 3rd:I dont have tickets yet BOO..But I would sell my soul to the devil for a VIP pass to hear Alex Kapranos (who,in case you have problems like me and find him hot,is guess what?GREEK!!) singing thats "he's my villain" and corrupting me to "bite hard"...Anyone that knows me,could understand that somebody with songs like that is totally my type LOL

My *lesbian* thoughts!!
Scarlet Johansson as a redhead on the cover of french Vogue
Me thinks:"Love do you and Ryan need to spice it up a little in the bedroom (bathroom,kitchen,whatever)?Cause im more than willing to help...
megan fox Pictures, Images and Photos
Megan im-the-most-sexy-woman-in-the-world Fox
Me thinks:Looking at pics of her+listening to Katy admitting that she kissed a girl (yes I still listen to that song,whats your point?)=thoughts that I as a complete STRAIGHT (im pointing that out) maybe shouldnt be having??...Well fuck it,I admit!!I would totally have sex with her...

Yes,we here in the Greece get movies later than they do in 3rd world countries...
Coming out soon:
angels and demons Pictures, Images and Photos
Illuminati(Angels and Demons):I have the book,tho I never actually read it..What im thinking is,if I fell asleep watching the DaVinci Code after loving the book,could I really go through this one..There is of course Ewan,but is he enough?
17again Pictures, Images and Photos
17 Again:Another pointless mainstream American teen movie...Zac your cute but way to much of a clean-cut teenage obsession for my taste..
Franklyn Pictures, Images and Photos
Franklyn:"Bewteen a normal and a future London,3 souls seek their destiny"..Now this sounds intresting and dark!!Yes I shall go and see..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The night of the thousand emotions and penalties

"The tale of 2 games"

Most football "eyes" last night where on "El Clasico",but that wasn't the only game taking place at the same time.When all of you where getting ready to sit and enjoy my hubby Sergio,I was getting ready to go see my bf Luis play in the Greek Cup Final.So getting forced to watch Olympiakos instead of RM was enough to put me in a sulky mood,no?The only thing that made me feel better was having a friend like Aianna,who promised to watch and keep me updated (love ya so much angel)

In general:

Real-Barca:Should I really say anything?Is there something that you don't already know?I just want to add that I'm proud of how my boy played,he scored and created the first goal.And Barca IS the best team in the world.They do deserve both "La liga" and the "CL".That's all...
Olympiakos-Aek:A game that ends 3-3 after 90 min,4-4 after overtime and finally 15-14 (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) in the penalties can only be described as AMAZING to watch.Its sad I couldn't enjoy it as much as I could have wanted to..

In details:

So before I even got to the OAKA stadium,Olympiakos was already down by one.Just as I got there AEK made it 2-0.That's when my first text arrived:
"Higuian just scored a header from Serhio's cross,13th mim.Rm u 1-0"
I went crazy.Got up and started doing happy dances.People stared and some other girl was "kind" enough to point out that we where losing... Sadly,I didn't get a chance to reply when I read "Barca now up 2-1.Henry scored while my stream froze.Puyol scored for the header,19th/20th min.Sergio got a yellow card 24th min.Hala Madrid ou can do this!"... My reply was "Ok I started jumping up and down made a fool out of myself and now this?RM losing,Luis losing and hubby gets a card AGAIN!!Should I start crying now?"
The bad news continued "Ok,i think you should start crying.Messi scored from Xabi's assist 36th min.3-1 Barca dominated possession throughout the half.HT now.Go pray!".... I said "This sucks so so so so so funken much!!Olympiacos is also down 2-1...I HATE THIS"
Then finally some good news "your hubby just scored a header from robben'scross!56th min!2-3 now!Hala Madrid!...At the same time Dudu scored the equaliser for Olympiakos "Mi amor,mi vida te quierro!!!And Luis is 2-2...Im starting to feel better".... It didnt last long,the convo continued like this:
Aianna:Ok sorry to break your heart but Henry scored again on their next play after Serhio scored...4-2.Iker made a bad decision.RM's defence is massive fail
Aianna:Messi scored again 5-2.13 min to go,plus idk how much added time.How much time left in the cup final?Im sorry *tight tight comforting hug*
Me:Ok im crying..Olympiakosscored and it went overtime but right now I dont give a damn if they win or not all I want is to fly to Madrid and confront my boy
Aianna:Pique scored towards the end of the game.6-2 FT *huuug* I hope Luis wins!Come on Olympiakos!
Thats when my phone when dead (sorry Cla),what I wanted to reply was "Olympiakos is 4-4 but im not sure if I want them to win cause if they do I'll be the worst gf in the world!Im not at all in mood for celebrations..I want to go home and cry!"
Anyway the penalties started and I was too depressed to watch with much excitement.Heres what happened!!


I did the right thing.Left aside whatever happened in the other game and followed my boy through all the celebrations.I love him and his team won both Championship and Cup for 2009.So even tho I dint support them.even tho my hubby and the rest of my boys where having a really bad night in Madrid,I put a smile on my face and celebrated in Athens..