Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spain has Basket Players too...

Which Gasol brother would you rather do?

PAU GASOL Pictures, Images and Photos
71777757_10 Pictures, Images and Photos

Or Mark?

My opinion?
Wooohooooooo Brothers Threesome!!!!


And since the first face I think about when I hear football is this long hair/tattoo boy I decided to do a do a small post for him....just because!!
Im getting used to hair when its looking not as mullet-like.And im stealing those sun-glasses.The thing I noticed the most in this pic was the fingers *dies*...


THOSE ARMS........ *faints*



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why did I have to talk??

There are times when I'm a very smart girl and I always say what people want to hear.There are also times when I don't have to say anything at all for others to understand how I feel.And then there are the times when my head goes completely blank and I say the most unexpected and wrong things that make people look at me as if I've told them that i believe in life on other planets (which I do actually,but that's a whole other story).
One of those times was tonight...
So my bf and I meant up with a couple of his friends for dinner.Everything was going fine,I was being so charming,not talking much but always managing to say something smart and funny.At some point the conversation came to football and I was thrilled to show off my knowledge of the subject.I should have known better...
The boys where excited about me knowing the sport the play,asking me which teams I support and who do I think will in the CL.But then one asked "Who's your favorite footballer?".I SHOULD have known it was a rhetorical question.I SHOULD have known it was more of a joke.I SHOULD have known that everybody thought they already knew my answer.I SHOULD have known that the right thing to say was "The boy sitting next to me,Luis Diogo Santos aka the boy I love"...
But no,I turned and said "I LOVE SERGIO RAMOS" like it was the most natural and exciting thing in the world!!
Everybody looked at me weirdly,including Luis and nobody said anything for half an hour.OK I'm exaggerating it was more like 2 minutes but it sure felt like much longer.
Finally somebody (I cant really remember who it was) said "Ohh,ok...should we order dessert now".
I had almost forgotten about the whole thing when we got in the car to leave,when Luis said "I knew you liked Ramos but I didn't know you loved him,should I be jealous?" and I tried to make a joke of it and said "Well you could benefit from some healthy competition" and he (thank God) laughed.
But even tho we made it a joke even tho he never mentioned it again I still feel so stupid about it.Because i know that he will always remember me not saying his name but that I mentioned a certain Spanish baller instead.

So next time anyone asks me about football I'll just smile and act like one of those girls who wouldn't tell Nando from Stevie apart even if their life depended on it.Just in case..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Presenting Greek Athletes Part 3 Footballers

#1 George Samaras age 24 height 1.93
My #1 Greek crush,playing for Celtic.Has also played for City.Very HOT,no?

#2 Giourkas Seitaridis age 27 height 1.85
One of the best players of our national team and a big part of our Euro2004.Playing for Athletico(he lives in Madrid GUHH)
Do you like short hair?
Or longer hair?
I say with a body like that who cares about hair?
And one last one for my girl Aianna!!(love ya Cla)

#3 Sotiris Kyrgiakos age 29 height 1.93
I have no idea why I like him sooo much.He just brings out my kinky side when I see him (damn long hair!!).Ohh and he playes for Aek,but who cares..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stress Stress Stress

Below is all the things I have to do within the next few weeks:

1)Find a flat for my brother and his soon to be flat-mate that is a)close to my new place b)close to both of their schools c)close to their *job* and most importantly d)with owners that can put up with them.Why don't they find it themselves?They're 16..should I say more?

2)Turn my bf's apartment into our love nest.Its harder than it sounds...He loves brown,I hate it.I love the modern baroque style,he hates it.He wants me to get rid of my enormous magazine collection.I want him to get rid of those posters he has hanging in the living room (I mean come on,I love "The Rolling Stones" too,but shouldn't we at least try to look like grown-ups?)

3)Help brother move his stuff along with most of our furniture into his new place.And yes,I'm the one who has to tidy them all up after (Lucky me)

4)Move my stuff into the *love nest*.I have no idea where all my clothes and shoes and bags and books are going to fit yet....I still haven't told him my brilliant idea of turning his lounge room into my very own walk-in closet LOL

After all that moving in/moving out stuff:

5)Organising this very big annual party thing at the club.I have to think off a theme(I have no idea,please help me),be in charge of decorations,make the guest lists (again this year I will and Sakis Rouvas hoping that he shows)and on that day look as gorgeous as possible(add shopping to the list),looking like I just won the lottery even if I know that I'll be miserable and greeting people that I don't care about...I'm such a pessimist,I know..

6)I since I cant help myself whatsoever,organise a second party on May 26th for mi amor's birthday...Basically this means doing the things I mentioned in #5 plus finding the most amazing super duper gift ever(help needed again,PLEASE)

After all the fun and celebration:

7)Putting my ass down and concentrating on my studies..I swear to myself that I will pass all my exams in June..I just HAVE TO!!

And that (in general) will be my May this year....Did I mentioned the word "stress"?No??

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Only a Vampire can Love you Forever

This post can also be called "explaining my crazy obsession"

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

I was wandering around my favorite bookstore a few months ago,when I first came upon "Twilight".At the moment I had no idea how "big" it was.I didnt even know about the movie yet.So i picked it up and read the back cover.


"Deeply seductive and irresistibly compelling,Twilight is an extraordinary love story that will stay with you long after you have turned the final page"

I didnt need any other persuasion,I bought and read the whole thing in a day as I always do with the books I fall in love with.
Bella's story is so magical,it makes you want think about what you would do if you where her even tho the possibilities of that happening are (sadly) very tiny.
Falling in love with a vampire?I say hell yeah if that vampire is anything like Edward Cullen."With his porcelain skin,golden eyes,mesmerizing voice and supernatural gifts".Edward is the perfect boy,not only because he's drop dead gorgeous but because he is protective and caring and risks his life to save yours and stays with you all night just to watch you sleeping and tells you his existence will have no meaning without you in it and writes piano lullabies for you...... and (to save me from turning completely corny) he's also rich (LOL)
The next day,I was back to the bookstore picking up the next three books of the series,when somebody informed me about the movie.I was excited,I rushed home to do internet research about it and to find out the actor the had picked to play Edward.The outcome of my search got me jumping up and down...
It was him "Cedric" the boy for who I watched the "Goblet of Fire" 4 times,the cute boy whose place my mom wished Harry Potter himself could die in instead .... He Was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.
And so my fantasy boy got a face:
Within a week I had seen the movie and read all of the books.Yes I became a true Twilight addict!!

After that,I started thinking if it was the first time that I got vampire-obsessed,and with shock I discovered that it was not."Edward" was not my first crush,"Lui" was..
"Interview with the Vampire" Hadnt I watched that movie over and over and over again?Was I too scared than to admit my obsession?I dont know,all I knew is that the "vampire thing" had always been in me..

And finally there was *that* dream.One of the best dreams I ever had,since finally I got to be a vampire...It was also very weird,but thats another story.... It was amazing for one more reason:It featured BALLERS!!Nando was there but only as a second role,the protagonist was no other than this lovely boy:
Cesc Pictures, Images and Photos
Doesnt he look vampire-ish in this photo??

I love how unlike the other two Cesc is my own personal vampire..Yaay!!

So excuse me while I go change into this,thank you!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love You Eva

This is me (trying without much success to be blond) and one of my best friends Eva (rocking it as a red-head).We always go out together,act slutty and have an amazing time.We do the craziest and funniest things.I love her deeply and wanted to share this photo of us,just because.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Presenting Greek Athletes Part 2 Football Goalies

#1 Antonis Nikopolidis age 37 height 1.93cm
Our very own George Clooney,plays for Olympiacos.Was the main goal-keeper of the Greek team during the triumph of Euro 2004.

#2 Kostas Chalkias age 34 height 1.99cm
The new main goal-keeper of the Greek team,playing for Paok (my team yaay!!)

#3 Dimitris Eleutheropoulos age 32 height 1.90cm
Playing for Siena.Also *played* for Milan and Roma (with not much success I must add)

#4 Alexis Tzorvas age 26 height 1.90cm
Playing for Panathinakos and (I think) the hottest of the bunch

Ok so the last one isnt Greek but I just COULDNT leave him out so presenting
#5 Dani Fernandes age 25 height 1.94cm
He's Portuguese and Canadian,playing for Bochum.Played for years for Paok (one of reasons I love him)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Presenting Greek Athletes Part 1 Basketball

Here are some of my favorite Greek bball players:

#1 Theo Papaloukas (voted best European player of 2006)

#2 Vasilis Spanoulis (played for the Rockets at some point)

#3 Nikos Zisis

Much more to come...
For more information and photos dont be afraid to ask LOL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Part Uno

Aiginio: My mother's home town,the small town of my teenage years.Although I lived here for 8 years,I never felt it home,I never felt like I belonged here.Still,I have many memories from this town and most of them are from Easter holidays.My family and friends have been celebrating Easter in the same way for the past ten years.As traditional and as "Greek" as possible.The only year I missed it was last year when my parents gave me the gift of my dreams: "a trip to the US and Philly,the city of my childhood".

Since I wasn't here last year,I was looking very forward to this year.But then something I wasn't waiting for happened,the most amazing thing "I feel in love!!".Luis is perfect,everything I ever wished for and he wanted us to spend our spring breaks together at the island of Kerkira (Corfu).

As much as I wanted to go,as much as I was excited to spend a vacation with a beautiful boy on a beautiful island,I couldn't.There where some things and some people much more important to me,people I would be seriously letting down.First of all,my Grandpa,the soul of our Easters.This is the first holiday without my Grandma and he was really counting on everyone else to be there.Moreover,my god-daughter Marina.

On Easter god-parents are supposed to give gifts to their god-children and take then to church.Since I haven't got the chance to do that with her yet because this is only her second Easter ever,there was no way I would miss it again.

After much thinking and some advise from people I care about I decided to invite Luis to spend the holiday with us and he for some reason was more than glad to come.Yaaay!!

Day 1 Saturday:Aiginio is a very long way from Athens,so we decided to take the train.Luis due to work was coming up later in the week so my companions where my best friend Dimitra,her daughter (the famous Marina),her sister and my other best friend Eva,my brother Nick and his best friend Alexis.The train was a big party.Packed with students heading home.And while everyone else was out and about flirting like crazy,I was stuck baby-sitting.I guess it was only right,since I was the only one with a relationship.The cutest boy was sitting next to me and I talked to him but that was it.Ok,I did give him my number and I did take a picture of him sleeping (no I couldn't resist),but it was all very innocent....

When we got home,we left our things greeted the "old people" and went to a new club that one of my old friends had just opened.It was very fun to see people I hadn't seen in a very long time,the funniest was seeing the geeky boy I sat next to in high-school only so I can cheat of.How that boy managed to grow into a Fernando Gago look-alike will remain an eternal mystery to me!!

Day 2 Sunday:So after coming home at 5 am,we slept late.It was nearly noon when we woke up and we had company at home.Mostly a bunch of stupid relatives that I hate that had come to see as and get a chance to gossip about how different we are from them.Anyway later on we went for a walk down memory lane going to all the places we used to hang out.We had lots and lots of ice-cream.Later we came home and watched footie.The night ended with another epic club trip.

Day 3 Monday:I woke up at 3 pm in my teenage room and thought that I was 17 again and late for school.It was kind of freaky really.Basically we where to tired to do anything so we just hang at home watching movies,playing monopoly and taking turns on the computer.At about midnight we decided to go out after all.It was the first night I saw the group of girls I had hated in school.I ignored them,they had remained the same and I had moved on.

Day 4 Tuesday:The rain woke us up very early.At first we where annoyed since we wanted to go shopping in the closest city,Katerini,but the rain stopped soon and our trip wasnt cancelled after all.It was frustrating not shopping anything for me but i was very glad to shop gifts for my god-kids.I had in mind to pierce my nose but in the end we didn't have time for it and I left it for another time.In the afternoon I got a new haircut,its very funky and I LOVE it!!!Of course there was no way we wouldn't watch the Pool game.My dad is probably their biggest Greek fan and even Dimitra,who hates football watched (only because she likes Xabi).It was an amazing game to watch!!No matter what the outcome was,we where all very proud of the way our boys played.We decided not to go out and I went to bed early so I could be as fresh as possible to welcome mi amor coming the next day.

Ps:i will post more photos when I get home,because I forgot to bring the damn usb!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Hair??

What happened my love?Did you turn 23 and think you needed an update?Are you trying to look older and more mature?Did that new girl of yours make you do this to yoursef?Was your hairdresser going through a crisis?Did those stupid girls in Malaga drive you a bit too crazy?Are you trying to kill me?
Ok,too many questions mi amor,I know but im trying to understand here and I just cant...
First of all,I LOVE the new facial thing thats going on,keep on the good work on that.Moreover,I adore the rest of the style:The earings,the sunglasses,the shirt... You're doing progress on the fashion department and that a good thing.
But please PLEASE go get extensions NOW
I loved the long hair,it was so you,such a big part of the reason I love you.
Maybe im being to dramatical about this.Maybe its just hair.Maye im too obsessed with it for my own good.I dont know,all I know is that I DONT LIKE IT!!